Thursday, 19 November 2015

Gracefully done?

Initially when I found out that a bio movie about Grace Kelly was in the works, I was excited. When I found out Nicole Kidman was to play Grace, I was a little disappointed. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Nicole! She's an amazing actress.. But when it comes to casting someone to play someone like Grace Kelly.. You gotta get it right. You HAVE to be on point.. 

I'd give the casting choices a 6 out of 10 for the whole cast. 
Nicole was a good choice... But you know what have been a wayyyyy better choice. Nicole Kidman, 10 years ago. 

Even though it was the late 1960s and obviously Grace was older I feel that Nicole would have been a great fit BEFORE the Botox and fillers. 

The movie was pretty bland and nothing major happened.. It basically just showcased Nicole's talents and gave a small glimpse into those years of Graces life buts that's it. The storyline was just not very riveting.  I mainly kept watching because of the pretty outfits.. 8 out of 10 for outfits! They were pretty accurate and some of them were just gorgeous. 

Heres the trailer if you wanna have a look:

I wish they had made a movie of her life BEFORE she became a princess... Grace in Hollywood would have been a juicier script. 
Coming from a family who never thought she was good enough (they did address it in 'Grace of Monaco' with ONE phone call with her mother and a quick convo, that's it.) to the silver screen, the dilemmas with Hitchcock falling in love with her, then Gravr falling in love with a prince and becoming real princess! And end with a literal 'fairytale ending'... That would have been cute! 

Oh well, maybe they'll make another (better) one in the future. 
Just keep trying over and over and over again like they do with Marilyn Monroe bio films... 

(That takes us to the next topic I'll be addressing for the next blog about ALLLLLLL the Different Marilyn bios and which majorly suck ass, and are full of crap to the other ones who have some truth to them) 

Monday, 9 November 2015


Curse that love/hate relationship with you and your winged eyeliner!

It's a daily struggle that most pinups have to face. That perfect cateye..

The application of your cateye can definitely allocate whether you are in a good mood for the rest of the day. 

eyeliner on point= feeling fierce and fabulous.  

Or Eyeliner troubles.. Which equals Annoyance, sadness, anger and/or psychotic breaks.. 

They usually result in going to work or school with just mascara (telling your friends when they ask you why your not wearing eyeliner "oh yeah I'm going for a natural look today... I'm totally comfortable with my naked eye..  Totally was the plan..") 

Or if you're in a hurry and you mess it up you have to rock up with the 'smudgy eye'. look.. (Yeah I meant to do that.) 

Or if you are like me... You end up looking like either a: Amy winehouse or b: a panda. 

And I wish I was here to tell you the secret to a perfect cateye... 
But sadly I'm not knowledgeable in the art of black magic.. 

But I can tell you how I do mine. I have a few tips and tricks that I've learnt over the years that you have probably heard before and maybe some you haven't. 

Secret 1- 
use 'australis' liquid eyeliner in brown.
(Two secrets for the price of one) 
I use the brand australis which is literally like $8 at Kmart. And it's the best! The little brush is so easy to use! 
Also, 90% of the time I use brown! The only time I use black is for photoshoots or special event.. But my day to day colour is brown. It just gives a more 'natural' look I guess... I got that tip from Marilyn Monroes makeup artist 'whitey'. He was amazing. 

Secret 2- 
I start in the middle of my eye. 
Most people start in the inner corner of their eye, not me! I loveeee big eyes, and I find if I start my line in the corner of my eye, it makes my eyes look squinty. Especially if I'm not wearing fake eyelashes. 

Secret 3- 
Start with your (excuse my French) 'shitty' side first. So if you draw your right eye perfectly and then fail at your left, start with your left eye. It makes it ten times easier to match your good eye to your bad, instead of your bad eye to your good. 
And remember, like with your brows, they are SISTERS not twins. 
They will never be exactly the same, so don't be so hard on yourself. 

Secret 4- 
The flick must be on point.. To get those complements on your skilled wings, you must have a clean flick. I absolutely can't stand it when it's like a square or blunt or messy or just weird. Doesn't have to be perfect, just flicky enough. 
If you find the wing the hardest (which most people do) draw that first. 
And remember that saying that everyone hates: practise makes perfect.


Feel free to message me any questions or comments!! 😘 

Xxx Honey Holloway

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Train Station Photoshoots: Behind the Scenes

I had so many ideas for different photoshoots I couldn't choose! When I drove past this abandoned train station in my home town I knew this would be an great location. 
Here's some selfies and some of the shots we got on the day! 
Wearing: @hellbunnyofficialclothing

Felt very 'Bonnie & Clyde' with these shots. If only my sunglasses were a gun.